Charles P. Melone, Jr., M.D. is a Manhattan-based orthopaedic hand surgeon specializing in sports injuries to the hand & wrist, arthritis of the hand & wrist, wrist fractures, fracture-dislocations, scleroderma, microsurgery and carpal tunnel syndrome. Over the past 25 years in practice, Dr. Melone has gained a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable hand surgeons in the United States.

Dr. Melone is Director of the Division of Hand Surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and director of the Albert Einstein Hand Fellowship Program. He also received the Distinguished Service Citation from New York University Medical School in 1999.

Dr. Melone has committed himself to many professional organizations. He is a member of the American Orthopaedic Association and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, American Association for Hand Surgery and New York Society for Surgery of the Hand. He served as President of the New York Society for Surgery of the Hand from 1991-1992. He successfully completed the Certificate of Added Qualification in 1993 and more recently, once again in 2003. In 1994 he was appointed to the Medical Advisory Board of the New York State Athletic Commission. Furthermore, Dr. Melone acts as a hand consultant for the Scleroderma Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation.

Dr. Melone has served as hand surgery consultant for the majority of New York and New Jersey professional sports teams and the New York City Public School Athletic League.

In the operating room, Dr. Melone’s accomplishments are astounding. He was one of the first hand surgeons in the United States to successfully reattach traumatically amputated hands and fingers and replace joints of people suffering from rheumatoid and other types of arthritis. In addition, he has treated over one thousand distal radius fractures, a number far exceeding most surgeons in the world, and has devised a classification for articular fractures of the distal radius.

Owing to his expertise in sports related hand problems he has treated numerous athletes at all levels and has performed innovative surgical techniques that has permitted many to resume their sports activities without impairment. Dr. Melone is one of the few hand specialists in the United States who offers surgical treatment for the crippling effects of a debilitating disease called Scleroderma. He has performed over 500 surgical hand procedures involving Scleroderma in the past 15 years. The surgery has now proven consistently successful with a low recurrence of joint disorder following operative treatment. He has also developed innovative surgical techniques in virtually all aspects of hand and wrist surgery ranging from small joint, PIP and DIP injuries, to thumb basal joint, finger and wrist arthritis, wrist distal radius fractures, distal radioulnar joint – triangular fibrocartilage complex disruptions, and wrist fracture-dislocations, scaphoid fractures and perilunate injuries.

His academics are as extensive and impressive as his surgical accomplishments. Whether presenting, moderating or chairing, Dr. Melone has participated in over 115 lectures and post-graduate courses on hand surgery across the country. He has been an academic teacher of medical studies, orthopaedic residents and fellows in hand surgery, while having served as Chief of Orthopaedic Hand Surgery at New York University Medical Center and currently at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.
In addition, he has written over 50 articles on various topics in hand surgery ranging from hand injuries in boxers and distal radius fractures to Scleroderma, a vascular, connective tissue and immune disease which affects the hand. His fracture classification called the Melone Classification of Distal Radius Fractures is based on various fracture patterns and is taught to aspiring orthopaedic/hand surgeons to enhance their diagnostic and management skills.

In addition to his medical credentials, Melone is an active member of his community. He not only coaches but also sponsors youth basketball teams for the Christian Youth Organization, Greenwich Village Basketball League and A.A.U. Basketball.

Dr. Melone received his undergraduate as well as his medical degree from Georgetown University. He has served as a member of the Board of Regents at Georgetown and has established an endowment in his father’s name, Charles P. Melone, Sr., M.D.

He contributes to numerous charitable organizations including AAIB, Inc., CYO, NYC Parks, NY Recreational Sports Leagues, AAU, United Nations International School, Staten Island Academy, St. Anthony’s High School, Xavier, Notre Dame, Georgetown University Athletic Endowment Scholarship, JCC Macabi Games, The Frank McGuire Foundation, Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation, United Way/United Jewish Appeal, F.I.S.T. Special Events, Tearm Marbury Charitable Foundation, Forum Children Foundation, St. Vincent’s Services for Children, Jersey City Boys & Girls Club, St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center Employees Fund, Scleroderma Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, Adam S. Weiss Foundation, Beth Israel Medical Center Employee Fund, American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand, and The Orthopaedic Research & Education Foundation.

Charles P. Melone, Jr., M.D.

Business Address: 321 East 34th Street Telephone: 212-340-0000
New York, NY 10016 Facsimile: 212-340-0038
Contact: Cecilia Bolitsky– Personal Assistant
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